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David Fink - #1 world ranked Handball Player

Dr. Tory is an incredible chiropractor with a keen sense for how to adjust various ailing body parts. Dr. Tory is extremely understanding and truly listens to his patient's problems and concerns. After a few visits, going to visit Dr. Tory feels like seeing a good friend who can make you stand up straighter while reducing aches and pains. I highly recommend Dr. Tory.


Stanley Kebenei - Pro Steeple Chase Runner

On The Go Chiro is the only one I trust with my body adjustment!! They are the best and I would recommend anyone with no hesitation!! Currently getting ready for Olympics and I am fixed and ready to go!!!



Steve Nash - Pro Basketball Player

My buddy from the league referred me to Dr. Brooks during the season when I had a few health issues going on. He made it very convenient with his “On The Go Chiro” practice and would come to my house before and in between games to help me out. He used Chiropractic adjustments, stretching techniques and the Fenzian Treatment System to drastically improve my health so I could play at my best."


Mike Bibby - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Mike Bibby

“I’ve been getting treated for over a year by Dr. Tory and I ALWAYS feel better afterwards. His Chiropractic and Fenzian treatments take care of my aches and pains and allow me to play at my best. I wish that I had full access to him during the season.”



Kurt Thomas - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Kurt Thomas

“After playing in the league for 16 years, I have had several bumps and bruises along the way. Dr. Brooks treats me with Chiropractic care and the Fenzian Treatment System which has me feeling better than I have in many years. I would like to thank him for the convenience of his “On The Go” practice, which myself and the other players appreciate.”


Alston Lister - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Alton Lister

“I was in the NBA for 17 years and I wish that I had access to Dr. Brooks back then. Between chiropractic and Fenzian he’s got me feeling much better. Now I’m coaching college basketball, so I have him come in twice a week to take care of me and the guys. I believe his treatments allow my players to be healthier and play at their highest level.”



Dave Roberts - Pro Baseball Player

MLB - Dave Roberts

“I was referred to Dr. Brooks by a teammate during spring training. I had some things that needed to heal properly before the season began and Dr. Brooks took care of them. His treatments gave me the ability to start the season with confidence. Thanks Dr. B!”


Craig Waibel - Pro Soccer Player

MLS - Craig Weibel

“I was referred to Dr Brooks by a good friend in the NBA during my recovery in 2005. I had blown out two ligaments, a tendon, and meniscus in my right knee and was suppose to be out of play for up to seven months. Dr. Brooks treated me with a lot of respect and many different methods during my time off of the field. I appreciated his courage and aggressiveness while using Fenzian to aid in my recovery as well as his chiropractic expertise. Thanks to his knowledge and consistent care, my recovery was shortened considerably and I have been playing pain free ever since. The hardest part of my injury was regaining the confidence to push my knee to the point it needed to go….with the help of Dr. Brooks’ skills positive attitude I have been playing with loads of confidence for the past two years!”




Nick Lowery - Pro Football Player

NFL - Nick Lowery

“Dr. Tory Brooks’ treatment through Fenzian what appear to be miracles! Before we started 4 months ago, I had been told by several highly reputable orthopedic surgeons in town that I would need shoulder surgery. I was waking up in such pain 10-20 times a night, and I could not sleep in any position. I couldn’t do anything athletic with my upper body. Now, after several months of treatment, my shoulders are working remarkably well! I can weight lift again, and swim – and I have absolutely no pain! I have asked Tory to work on my other chronic pain conditions created by a 17 year NFL career: my left knee, neck, my feet – all are better than they were, and I am anxious to find that others discover this treatment so they can realize that there is hope out there!”



Kyle Korver - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Kyle Korver

“I always look forward to coming and playing the Phoenix Suns, because I know that Dr. Brooks will be there to treat me. The season is rough and very hard on my body. I just feel so much better after a treatment which allows me to play better.”


Todd MacCulloch - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Todd MacCulloch

“I want to thank Dr. Brooks for his dedication and compassion towards helping me with my condition. I was told by the medical community that I would never play basketball again let alone have comfort in my feet again. I am now approximately 75% better and hopeful to return to the league.”


Andre Wadsworth - Pro Football Player

NFL - Andre Wadsworth

“The last few years have been difficult and painful for me and my family and friends. I have had several surgeries over the past few years. I strongly believe that Fenzian Treatment System played a huge part in my recovery. I am now back to full workouts and more importantly I am pain free. Dr. Brooks is not only my Chiropractor, we consider him to be family.”


Eddie Johnson - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Eddie Johnson

My friend Kurt Thomas of the Phoenix Suns told me about the Fenzian Treatment System used on him by Dr. Tory Brooks. KT said the device was amazing. We were desperate. My son Justin was suffering a painful and debilitating knee injury for two months. Delightfully, the Fenzian worked; and with just a few treatments he was playing again pain free. Subsequently, the Fenzian Team treated me for a painful back injury and my wife Joy for a related health issue. We are extremely pleased with the results. My entire family thanks Fenzian.


Shawn Estes - Pro Baseball Player

MLB - Shawn Estes

“When you have pitched in the majors for 10 years, you’re bound to have a few, nagging injuries pop-up from time to time. In the off season, Dr. Brooks treats me in my home with chiropractic, stretching techniques and with the Fenzian Treatment System. Since he began treating me, my range of motion and flexibility has increased dramatically! Now I’m looking forward to having him treat me during the season as well.”


Allan Houston - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Allan Houston

“I was referred to Dr. Brooks from another NBA player and I am glad that I was, because I have had a setback for a couple of seasons regarding the health of my knees. I’ve tried several therapies along the way. In regards to treatment devices, I seem to get the best results with the Fenzian Treatment System. I believe that between Chiropractic and the Fenzian Treatment System sped up this process significantly.”


Chris Webber - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Chris Weber

“I want to thank Dr. Brooks for treating me when I come through town to play the Suns. There were some games that I couldn’t have played in without the Fenzian treatments. I wish I had the treatments after I had surgery!”


Jared Reiner - Pro Basketball Player


NBA - Jared Reiner

“While I was with Phoenix I was having problems with my knee. I ended up needing two surgeries to fix the piece of bone that my quadriceps had pulled away from my kneecap.Throughout the whole rehab process I was having recurring swelling that the other doctors and trainers couldn’t fix without draining. The swelling didn’t subside until Tory started coming to my house for Fenzian treatments with ‘On the Go Chiro.’ His treatment really helped speed up my rehab and got me back healthy.”


Penny Hardaway - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Penny Hardaway

“Playing professional basketball is hard on your body. Through Dr. Brooks treating me with Chiropractic care and the Fenzian Treatment System it has helped me recover quickly from my injuries and maintain my health. I believe that professional athletes need to be offered the most up to date and safe technology to keep us healthy so we can perform our best for the fans.”


Josh Davis - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Josh Davis

“During the first part of the season I had a bursa sac that stayed inflamed for two weeks. I had the regular things done to bring it down, but it didn’t seem to help. I got adjusted and one treatment from the Fenzian and I woke up the next day and the inflammation was gone! The Fenzian Treatment System™ gives me another level of confidence when it comes to my healthcare. Thanks Dr. Brooks for all of your support.”


Andrew DeClercq - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Andrew DeClercq

“After 3 knee surgeries in 18 months, a teammate introduced me to Dr. Tory Brooks and his Fenzian Treatment System. After a few treatments I was amazed at how fast I was healing and made sure everytime I crossed paths with Dr. Tory I received a treatment. I am now able to live a very active lifestyle competing in bike races and even triathlons with out swelling or pain. And I can not wait to see Dr. Tory again for another opportunity to received a Fenzian Treatment.”


Dan Dickau - Pro Basketball Player

NBA - Dan Dickau

“Another player from the league referred me to Dr. Brooks and the Fenzian Treatment System™ and said that it would help with my injuries. He had such conviction from the results of the device and Dr. Brooks’ Chiropractic care that I had to try it. The season is long and our schedule is very demanding, so we really don’t give our bodies the proper time to heal. I have found the treatments to take care of my newest complaints as well as resolve other nagging injuries that traditional therapy falls short of doing the job.


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