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Dean Miller, M.S., ATC

Head of Sports Medicine for Team Suzuki MotoGP, Reebok Grassroots Basketball

Sports Medicine for Team Suzuki and Reebok Grassroots - Dean Miller

“There is only one name in Chiropractic healthcare for athletes, Dr. Tory Brooks of On The Go Chiro. Dr. Brooks is on the cutting edge of Chiropractic nutrition, exercise and therapeutic technology. As an Athletic Trainer in the professional world of high speed racing, international basketball and grassroots sporting activity for youngsters, I am always looking for the safe competitive edge. Ultimately, I rely on Dr. Brooks to offer the natural biomechanical care to achieve that goal. ” On the go Chiro…delivers the perfect blend of healthcare to all my athletes.”

Neil Liebman, DC

Team Chiropractor for the Philadelphia 76′ers

Team Chiropractor for the Philadelphia 76′ers - Neil Liebman

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Brooks during last years NBA season and I was impressed how the players took to him. His team player attitude trickles into his patient care, making the quality of his patients care first and foremost. He introduced the Fenzian Treatment System to me and it has changed the way I practice, giving me the most amazing results I have ever seen in past 18 years of practice. I have been the Chiropractor for the 76er’s for the past 15 years and I now have the increased ability to keep my players on the court. 


Ken Crenshaw, ATC

Arizona Diamondbacks Head ATC

Arizona Diamondbacks Head ATC - Ken Crenshaw

We have been using the Fenzian Treatment System to help us with the daily bumps and bruises, and strain/sprains that occur during the season. Recovery times have been cut down considerably by the use of the device. The most important thing for us as a training staff is to keep our guys on the field and healthy as possible, and Fenzian helps us to accomplish that. 

Thanks Dr. Tory for introducing us to Fenzian


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